Turkey time, turkey time! Food shopping in Azabu-Juban

In preparation for the non-turkey Thanksgiving feast I’m hosting for a few friends, I decided to pop over to Nissin supermarket, supplier of foreign goods as well as local produce, in Azabu-Juban after an audition this evening.

Here is what I found.








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Because Summer Music Festivals.

Why is the heat tolerable? It’s not.
Why is the water ¥300 per bottle? Sadism.
Why are so many musical artists under one blazing sun?









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A Farewell Note

Although my journeys in a pretty pink car, my pretty pink car, have ended, the adventure lives on. I will forever love that car and the fond memories that were made with it. Goodbye, my dear Mira. Save travels, wherever you may go.


As for me, I’ll be continuing on by train, on foot, through city and villages, mountains and oceans, and wherever my journeys may go.


Stay tuned for the new blog. A little one based in Tokyo.

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And you thought your workplace was cool…

Yes. Google Headquarters in California really is cool.

They’ve even got the electronic toilets I see on a daily basis here in Japan. As well as amazing food. And that’s not even taking the décor and perks into account. Likewise, the New York office is chic, playful and dog-friendly. Hidden in Chelsea Market, they really have it all.

Now on to the less recognized offices that might even be better. My choice may just be the Selgas Cano Office in Spain. Who wouldn’t want to work surrounded by a forest? Napping under a shady tree may not be productive, but sometimes breaks inspire the best ideas when you awake refreshed.

It comes down to this: playful offices, friend or foe? Certainly those with the offices know its benefits, and those with drab, no frills environments save the investment and conserve the seriousness of the workplace.

My opinion? Bring in the toys and swing sets . Nothing good ever comes from being uptight and curtailing creation. Think about it. How often are you struck with a seemingly brilliant idea in the most unusual of places? Chatting with friends at a coffee shop, working out on the gym, playing with kids… all these carefree activities can be inspirational. The best part about encouraging these activities and providing a place in which to relax in the workplace is that, should a brilliant idea strike, employees can get right to work with their office a mere few steps away.

Then there’s also the mind refresher. When you’ve reached boiling point or can’t understand something, the best thing to do is walk away, refresh and return ready to tackle the problem. What better way to refresh than by going down a slide on the second floor? By playing pool in the lounge with coworkers? By grabbing a fruit smoothie at the café counter?

Considering those with cool work environments are some of the top companies in the world, I’m sure there are great results.


See the site of inspiration here.

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MickeyD’s grows up. It’s Mr. McDonald to you.


A great development in the aesthetics of a global brand? Or a watering down of brand recognition?

Happy meals, greasy good fries and headliner lawsuits – these are among the many things we have come to associate with McDonald’s. And my personal favorite, chocolate shakes. Whether for better or worse, we all have associations to this brand that has probably had some influence in our lives, great or small.

Recently, in the lead up to the Olympic games, London has brought to light a uniform redesign for its McDonald’s employees. This new sophisticated, polished look seems both contradictory to the casual, get-your-hands dirty hamburger joint we loved as kids, and on the other hand, a positive improvement for those who work there. I stand behind the idea that uniforms can alter not just the image of a place but also the taste of the food. We are sensitive creatures, us simple humans. Whether we realize it or not, even the lighting in a restaurant affects our mood, our perception of the place. So surely something as drastic as a rehashing of the uniforms that were familiar to us would affect our perception of McDonald’s. Enhance it perhaps?



See the news story behind my thoughts.

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My Jersey Shore Escape






Car Rally 2012: Jersey Shore.

Had it not been for the disproportionately high number of New Jerseyians in our car, we may have chosen something more clever. Like, celebrities gone wild. Or cartoon characters. Or anything with more dignity than the cast of the Jersey shore is portrayed to have.

Regardless, it was perfect.

My challenge? Mimic the scarcity of clothes (compensated for in makeup) and sexy attitude of Jwow.

I would’ve had an easier time of it had I ever watched the show. But pictures would have to make do.

I can’t say the stares I got all day, especially in convenience store stops, weren’t justified. They were. I looked scandalous. And I didn’t care. In a country where tiny shorts are in fashion but cleavage is a no-go, having my goods out for show was the main attraction. I felt embarrassed but would Jwow? Of course not. I kept the attitude in check, the good actress.

You may be wondering, what’s with the balloons?

It’s a Jersey Shore party.

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What they would’ve been – video game characters in old Japan

This is pretty impressive and equally creative.




See an article about Jed Henry here.

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